Welcome to Free Power Point Templates by Phillip Martin
These free Greece PowerPoint Templates are great for your presentations on both ancient Greece and present day Greece. You can download these free PowerPoint templates and use the art and titles that are provided. Or, you can substitute the art from Phillip Martin's Clip Art site and create your own titles.
Title Page Title Page Blank
Background Page Two Sample Page with Columns
Once you find a template you like, the rest is easy. You already have text for the main page and every page to come after that. If you don't like the art on the Title Page, use the Blank Title Page and add your own choice of art. Of course, you can find any art you need at Phillip Martin's Clip Art site. Helpful Hint: It is best to use SAVE AS when you want images. Otherwise, you sometimes get black backgrounds when they should be invisible.
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Maya Mexico
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